Mathias Kirchmer : Change Management – Key for Business Process Excellence. Editor: Scheer, A.-W., Abolhassan, F., Jost, W., Kirchmer, M. In book: Business Process Change Management – ARIS in Practice. Berlin, New York, and others 2003, p. 1-14.


In order to be successful in a changing and challenging business environment enterprises have to be organized in a business process-oriented way. The ARIS- Three-Tier Architecture of Business Process Excellence is an example for the needed enterprise architecture.

Key tasks of change management are information, communication, and training — focusing on the effected people. The business process to be changed can be identified using reference models such as the Y-model. The change management content can be structured based on the ARIS framework.

The audience of change management activities has to be segmented carefully so that various groups of people can be addressed appropriately. Training has to be organized in a process oriented way. Enterprises must establish a common language of change. Modeling methods are efficient and effective for this task Tools like the ARIS Toolset can be used ro build a change management infrastructure to increase efficiency and effectiveness of change management initiatives.

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