Process Modelling Introduction

Learn to model processes in a concise, efficient and uniform manner, using the universally recognised BPMN 2.0 standard.

Rapid Process Improvement

Analyse an end-to-end process or business function, identifying opportunities for improvement. Use these to define a prioritised improvement roadmap.

Value-driven System Implementation

Generate the maximum return from investments in new technologies and software with this process-driven transformation approach.

Integrated Customer Journey Planning

Analyse your customer’s experience using Customer Journey Maps, then redesign your process to drive improvements.

System Design & Requirements Gathering

Leverage BPM to facilitate system design, incorporating process improvements and mitigating downstream risk.

Process Simulation

Implementing a process revision carries significant risk. Mitigate this risk whilst identifying the optimal configuration / resource allocation through simulation.

Enabling Process Standardisation & Harmonisation

Identify the areas in which your business must drive efficiency, then execute initiatives to do so.

Controlling your Systems with Application Architecture

Define your organisation’s systems and data, then visualise how this interacts with the rest of the business.