Enabling High Performance through Digitalization – The BPM-Discipline as Value-Switch

Mathias Kirchmer, M: Enabling High Performance through Digitalization – The BPM-Discipline as Value-Switch. In: CIO Review, January 14th, 2016.

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Strategy Execution in a Digital World-Trends and Predictions for the “BPM-Discipline”

BPM-D’s highly esteemed co-founder has been featured yet again in the prestigious business publication, CIO Review. In this article Dr. Kirchmer discusses strategy execution in a digital world, focusing primarily on the trends and predictions for the BPM-Discipline.

Understanding Digitalisation & BPM

Survey: Understanding Digitalisation & BPM,15 November, 2015

Digitalization of Processes Podcast

Recently BPM-D’s Mathias Kirchmer met with the current Managing Editor of bpm.com, Peter Schoof. Together they recorded a podcast; on the agenda were subjects including: what is digitalization, what impact is this phenomenon having on corporate strategies, and just what role does BPM have to play in this new digital world.

Gartner Conference Conclusions

Gartner took the topic “Strategic BPM – positioning process management as an enabler of strategy execution” as a theme for its US BPM Summit last month. We have always defined BPM as “the management discipline that transfers strategy into execution – at pace with certainty” – so it was interesting to watch this topic unfold.

BPM-D’s Corporate Social Responsibility Recognized in imPACT Times

BPM-D’s recent Corporate Social Responsibility Efforts, in aiding with the production and release of Gunnar Mossblad’s jazz CD “R.S.V.P.”, have been recognised in the latest edition of imPACT Times.

Conference Fever

These are interesting times for anyone working the BPM space and this week’s IRM UK BPM Conference looks like it will be hitting all the hot topics. I particularly like the theme being addressed by the keynote speaker, Professor Eddie Obeng – “How to live in a world which is changing faster than you can learn”. […]

The Process of Process Management – Mastering the New Normal in a Digital World.

Mathias Kirchmer: The Process of Process Management – Mastering the New Normal in a Digital World. Proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium on Business Modelling and Software Design, Milan, 06-08 June 2015,At Milan, Volume: 5.

A Bit of a Blur?

Most of us are familiar with the need for businesses to operate in the digital as well as the physical worlds. E-commerce, digital, online, social media – we’re on it, or at least working on it. But now, according to a new report by Gartner, we need to be ready for these two worlds to merge. And then there is the “Internet of the Things” where people, things and business will soon become so interconnected that it will be hard to tell where one ends and the other begins.

Dr. Mathias Kirchmer addressing future Business Leaders at the Universidad to Chile, Santiago, Chile

As part of the collaboration between BPM-D and the Universidad de Chile in Santiago, Dr. Mathias Kirchmer discussed the topic “Targeting Value in a Digital World” with students, faculty and business representatives. The presentations were based on the related BPM-D white paper.


A lecture on “The BPM-Discipline – Mastering the New Normal in a Digital World” issued Friday November 14th Dr Mathias Kirchmer, CEO of Business Process Management (BPM) Accenture undergraduate students of the Faculty of economy and Business at the University of Chile. the senior executive and prominent professor at the University of Pennsylvania and Widener University, Philadelphia , who for the past 24 years has combined his extensive business experience with extensive research practice academically was invited by professor Sigifredo Laengle, who is conducting research on “Business process governance”. the author of numerous publications, including six books, the latest entitled “Value-Driven Business Process Management: the Value-Switch for Lasting Competitive Advantage” , has developed a deep understanding of the approaches, methods, tools and software for the design, implementation, execution and control of business processes, being recognized for its applications in companies of various sizes and industries around the world. Among the activities that realized in Chile guru in business processes worldwide, was carrying out an interesting talk to students FEN, where he could pass on his vast knowledge. Notably Mathias Kirchmer is also Doctor in Information Systems at the University of Saarbrücken (Germany); Master in Business Administration and Computer Science ( “Wirtschaftsingenieur”) of the Technical University of Karlsruhe (Germany) and Master in Economics from Paris-IX-Dauphine University (France).

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