• A leading offshore drilling contractor had been growing continuously for several years
  • They wanted to create an efficient approach for managing the new scale
  • The IT team had received numerous, conflicting requests for new solutions
  • An approach to align IT initiatives and the business strategy was needed
  • The company had to focus development efforts on generating savings


Created a functional process hierarchy, referencing an industry standard framework, and defined custom company process modelling standards.


Identified low maturity processes with a high impact on the business strategy.


Ran a Rapid Process Improvement project for a Financial function, then trained internal teams on this improvement approach to develop their capabilities.


Created an End-to-End process structure and approach to identify key handover documents and controls for SOX compliance.


  • A standard approach setup for business process management to structurally to achieve strategic goals
  • Identified savings for the business and agile execution of projects
  • The ability to independently execute a Rapid Process Improvement approach
  • Growing the BPM capability in the organisation.