• Client launched a very large BPM automation project 3.5 years ago.
  • Significant investments in BPM initiative with more then 350 full-time project members.
  • Mostly IT-driven with limited business involvement.
  • Project has failed to deliver any meaningful business results.
  • Value of BPM effort questioned, leadership asked for recommendations and better approach for BPM.


Patent–pending BPM-D Framework to evaluate client’s current business process management capabilities, practices and related issues.


Stakeholder interviews with key executives and surveys with a large BPM target group to identify shortcomings and opportunities.


BPM Capability Assessment to evaluate existing capabilities and BPM maturity. Comparison with leading practices.


Prioritized work packages and corresponding roadmap to build process management capabilities while improving operational processes.


  • Business-driven assessment analyzing capabilities of a mostly IT-driven BPM program that is isolated from business delivering limited value.
  • Broad buy-in from leadership and BPM stakeholders.
  • 13 discrete work packages and roadmap for implementing future BPM initiatives.
  • Recommendations targeted to leverage existing capabilities