A leading fragrance research company needed to improve its throughput significantly to meet stakeholder needs. The BPM-D Framework with its rapid process improvement approach was applied at the organization to create the transparency necessary to identify relevant process issues and constraints, define necessary process improvements and develop a roadmap for transforming the organization’s Assessment Process. To move the process improvement forward, appropriate work packages and new performance metrics were implemented. Additionally, a process owner was assigned to manage and drive value across functional areas and multiple other operational process improvements were implemented.


  • Inefficient and slow-moving Assessment process with a growing backlog
  • Commitment to stakeholders to complete the remaining Safety Assessments by a specified point of time
  • Low number of assessments completed per year
  • Existing operations, processes and performance lacked transparency
  • High process complexity with varying lead times and external dependencies
  • Organization with low process maturity and many new-hires


RFIM case study

Comprehensive assessment of current process challenges and improvement opportunities (people, process, technology).


RFIM case study

Documentation of all Safety Assessment processes to increase transparency & process knowledge


RFIM case study

Development and implementation of new Performance Management systems – KPIs, metrics, processes, prioritized work packages


RFIM case study

Developed more efficient Safety Assessment operating model, To-Be processes and improvement roadmap


  • Immediate improvements through pragmatic, yet effective process changes
  • Operating model changes to increase capacity and throughput by over 300%
  • Increased process efficiencies, and streamlined inter-enterprise processes
  • Increased transparency through models and dynamic process repository
  • Lasting capabilities for effective process management & continuous improvement
  • Collaborative approach to ensure alignment and buy-in across the organization and its partners