Mathias Kirchmer : Business Process Innovation through Open BPM with SOA. Whitepaper. Berwyn 2007.


Innovation, especially business process innovation, has evolved into a core focus area for all successful organizations.  To ensure long-term survival, an enterprise must place innovation at the top of daily business operations to drive desired revenue stability and growth. Two major forms of innovation have emerged to the forefront: Business Model Innovation and Technology Innovation. Both forms require change for existing business processes or the development of new ones.

Business Process Innovation is a key success factor for the next generation enterprise. Companies need to nurture an environment that encourages and enables process innovation. Business Process Management (BPM) must become the focal point of innovation initiatives. This mindset is prevalent in the approach of “Open BPM.

“Open BPM” delivers a business process infrastructure that provides optimal flexibility at the lowest cost level through the use of business and technology standards. It enables efficient and effective business process innovation. The main components of Open BPM are holistic Enterprise Architectures (EA) and the supporting software, Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA), effective business process change management focused on the individual process executives, and a comprehensive process monitoring and controlling approach, including called Business Activity Monitoring (BAM).

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