Digital transformation initiatives deliver their value through new and improved business processes. In the recent CIO Review article, Dr. Mathias Kirchmer shares his 2021 predictions for Business Process Management:

Reducing Time-to-Value of Digital Transformation through a BPM-Discipline

Appropriate process management accelerated the time-to-value and realises the targeted process performance. This is achieved through a BPM-Discipline realised through a “process of process management”

Performance through Process-led Automation Platforms

No-code or low-code automation platforms enables agility and the required integration of numerous applications and services. They become a key interface between the BPM-Discipline and operational processes.

Process Innovation through Integrated Stakeholder Journey Planning

It allows organisations to improve the experience of key stakeholders through appropriate manage of the underlying processes. Integrated stakeholder journey planning becomes a core BPM capability.

Agility and Compliance through Digital Process Governance

Sustaining the results of transformation initiatives require appropriate process governance to keep process performance on track and ensure success. Digital process governance is value-driven, tool-enabled and people-centric.

“BPM-Discipline has adjusted its consulting offerings to these trends. Leveraging our BPM-D framework, we deliver fast results effectively.”

Dr. Mathias Kirchmer