We are pleased to be exhibiting at BPM-D the Future of Finance Summit 2018 at the Hulingham Club, London.

The days of finance merely acting as a cost-saving function are well behind us. Place yourself at the forefront of this change and Join us to discover what the Future of Finance looks like.

Come join us and find out how BPM-D has developed an integrated controls management solution, which helps organisations:

  • Have an integrated approach to creating and executing controls as the BPM-D Application automatically capturing the key controls from their current process modelling tool
  • Enable effective compliance management through role based control execution and help monitor progress and record execution
  • Provide efficient auditing of the controls and assignment of tasks to relevant stakeholders
  • Provide a personalised dashboard for management to ensure appropriate oversight onto progress

If you are unable to join us, but are interested in the topic please feel free to contact us at info@bpm-d.com