This paper presents a methodology for analysing maintenance collaboration across multiple overlapping SAP instances. The problem domain is characterized as follows. Two SAP projects are in the realization implementation phase in the US Navy. The first project focuses on Aviation Program Management, and the second project focuses on Aviation Supply Chain Management. After a prototype implementation, the Navy realized that collaboration across the projects is complex, especially in the areas of Asset Tracking, Configuration Management, and maintenance.

There is a strong desire to collaborate across the solutions if collaboration is cost-effective. The research hypothesis is the following. It is possible to develop and execute a methodology for analysing the gaps and overlaps across multiple SAP software instances to assess collaboration potential. We conclude that it is possible to provide an analytical framework for analysing overlapping SAP instances, but we also conclude that collaboration, in this case is not cost-effective, and that the two projects should be merged into a single 3AP16xo|uóoo.

“At the request of the SMART  and  SIGMA Program Directors,  we  focused  on understanding,  documenting,  and  analyzing  the  SMART and  SIGMA solutions as they are enabled by the SAP  software, providing a pure functional  assessment, from an  SAP R/3  perspective, of the  collaboration possibilities  across  the  SIGMA  and SMART solutions and how that collaboration might be improved.”

Dr Mathias Kirchmer, Thomas R. Gulledge, Rainer A. Sommer, Georg Simon