Achieving Compliance with DMN


Complex requirements for compliance require equally complex, fully traceable decisions.

Decision Modelling Notation (DMN) diagrams explicitly state the logic behind the path taken through a process, providing governance, visibility and traceability. An effective DMN practise will enable compliance, automation & an agile response to regulatory changes.

Decisions can require significant effort to capture and continually update; our approach both educates on how to create DMN diagrams and where they should be deployed. A value-driven approach maximises the ROI on any DMN investment, ensuring a sustainable practise.


  1. DMN Overview & Usage Scenarios
  2. Target Value – where to deploy DMN
  3. BPM to Support DMN
  4. Establishing a Sustainable DMN Practise
  5. DMN Hands-on Model Creation
  6. Attaining Compliance & Traceability
  7. Deploying DMN in a Business Situation


  1. Know the value of DMN & potential usage scenarios
  2. Understand where / where not to deploy Decision diagrams
  3. Create DMN models using a specialist tool
  4. Apply DMN diagrams in a real-world situation
  5. Extract reports explicitly stating decision logic
  6. Pragmatically plan the way forward for your organisation
  7. Deliver a DMN governance structure


Managers and practitioners seeking an efficient approach for digesting regulatory changes and adapting their organisations to attain compliance, open to developing / furthering their Decision Modelling practise.

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