Process-led Digital Transformation in an Insurance Company | July 15, 2020 | 2 PM EST/1 PM CDT

This webinar will discuss a process-led digital transformation at an insurance company, leveraging a no-code digital platform. It explains how results can be achieved at pace with certainty.

Smart Restart: Reimaging Business Operations and Scale Dynamically | July 16, 2020 | 1 PM EST

Learn how to quickly prepare for the transformation and adjustment of your processes by leveraging techniques, such as process mining and simulation, for fast, actionable process design and implementation that enables flexible, ongoing improvements.

Process Repository Mobilization

A 3-day workshop to help set-up the process repository and create the foundation for enterprise-wide impact.

Value-Driven Process and Project Prioritization – Basis for Focused Digital Transformation and Business Continuity Planning

Process prioritization enables organizations to ensure that the projects and initiatives they invest into are aligned with their organization goals. This enables a value-driven focus of digital transformation and business continuity initiatives, based on the strategy of the organization. The paper describes how the business strategy can be operationalized to serve as the foundation to identify processes with a high impact on the strategy. High impact, low maturity processes are best targets for digital transformation and business continuity initiatives. Projects focused on those deliver most value to the organization. The continuous adjustment of priorities and related project portfolios requires an appropriate digital tool support to enable “what-if”analysis. The prioritization approach is illustrated through case examples.

Value-driven Digital Transformation Performance through Processes with the University of Chile | Jul 1, 2020 2PM EST

This presentation discusses key topics required to master the value-realization of digital business transformation initiatives.

Enabling the Digital Supply Chain

A faster, seamless and more sustainable integrated supply chain implementation with an estimated saving of $55M over five years.