Digital Business Transformation: Performance through Process

Respond to a dynamic business environment whilst delivering strategy execution, through the discipline of BPM.

Process Modelling Introduction

Learn to model processes in a concise, efficient and uniform manner, using the universally recognised BPMN 2.0 standard.

Value-driven Repository Management

Define how process can generate value from your process repository, and the structures required to do so sustainably.

Rapid Process Improvement

Analyse an end-to-end process or business function, identifying opportunities for improvement. Use these to define a prioritised improvement roadmap.

Achieving Compliance with DMN

Leverage Decision Modelling Notation to address your organisation’s compliance, automation & regulatory needs.

Building an Organisation for Value-driven BPM

Develop the Business Process Management governance structure required for an effective, sustainable practise.

Performance & KPI Management

Use your process assets to identify, structure, and maintain your organisation’s Key Performance Indicator portfolio.

Target Value, Create Your Process Agenda

Align your process improvement priorities with your corporate strategy to define a prioritised process agenda.

Implementing a Successful Automation (RPA) Practise

Automation is the most prominent disruptive technological innovation. Establish a sustainable practise to avoid the numerous pitfalls.