BPM-D® Presentation at Business Modeling and Software Development (BMSD)

As part of the Symposium for Business Modeling and Software Development the BPM-D® Managing Director and Co-CEO, Dr. Mathias Kirchmer, will present on June 25th 2014 the topic “Value-driven Design and Implementation of Business Processes”. The presentation is based on a peer-reviewed article which will be published in the conference proceedings.

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BPM Consultant

BPM-D® is an innovative and dynamic organisation that delivers Services and Solutions to enable companies to get the full potential out of their Business Process Management (BPM) discipline. It enables organizations to improve their capability to move from strategy to execution – getting good ideas into action faster and more reliably.

BPM Consultants are required to join this exciting Organisation, working on client engagements and developing the BPM-D® business and it’s offerings. BPM-D® delivers consulting, coaching, education and supporting solutions to clients and applicants should be well versed in the BPM discipline and be confident in working with clients with minimal supervision. This is a dynamic and developing organization and applicants need to be prepared to be adaptable to the changing and growing business needs.

The role requires good analytical capabilities as well as excellent communication and interpersonal skills. This needs to be demonstrated in the education and/or work experience. A Bachelors (preferably including mathematics) is required. Professional training in process management and solid work-experience in this area is essential. The applicant should be well versed in a range of BPM tools and should have a work experience in at least one.

This role provides a unique opportunity to grow with the organization and further develop expertise in this growing field.

Focusing Business Processes on Superior Value Creation: Value-oriented Process Modelling

Mathias Kirchmer, Mark von Rosing: Focusing Business Processes on Superior Value Creation: Value-oriented Process Modelling. In: Rosing, M.v., Scheer, A.-W., Scheel, H.v.: The complete Business Process Handbook – Body of Knowledge from Process Modeling to BPM, Volume 1, Amsterdam, Boston, e.a. 2014, p. 475-491.