Strategy Execution in a Digital World: The Discipline of BPM

The business environment is rapidly changing and new technologies are accelerating opportunities to compete in a world of unprecedented challenge.

Systematic strategy execution and innovation implementation is vital to benefit from the opportunities of a digital world.

Understanding the process of process management will empower you with immediate pragmatic value to deliver on your strategic objectives at pace and with certainty.

This course will take executives on a journey of value-driven Business Process Management as a key enabler to achieving their company’s strategic goals.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply a value-driven approach to digitalisation
  • Develop a process agenda to deliver fast results and lasting capabilities
  • Deliver transparency, agility, innovation, and more through BPM
  • Use value targeting to align initiatives with business strategy
  • Pragmatically plan the way forward for your organisation
  • Develop a structured approach to delivering value in your organisation


Executives looking for an innovative approach for driving strategy execution or looking to develop a value-driven BPM discipline.

Course Outline

  • Definition and Value of the BPM-Discipline
  • BPM Strategy – targeting value
  • BPM Governance and Organisation – the agility network
  • BPM Enterprise Architecture and Repository – creating transparency
  • Digitalisation & Process – focused innovation
  • Improvement Approaches – pragmatic, fast & effective

Getting Started – fast results & lasting capabilities

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South Africa

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